Nourish To Flourish

Fitness and Nutrition

Nourish to Flourish Overview

Our NOURISH TO FLOURISH Referral Program helps educate young people and their families on the importance of sound nutrition and physical activity. Applicants are referred to us by pediatricians, teachers, school counselors, family therapists and any other individual or group who has identified a need based on their interaction with them. Once accepted into the program and cleared for physical activity by either their pediatrician or ours, participants will work one-on-one with our staff and trainers to tailor an action plan crafted especially for them to improve both their food choices and fitness. Individual goal setting also includes life-targets and wishes by the young person. Whether it’s preparing to run the mile in school, learning to ride a bike or a new sport, or even feeling comfortable in a crowd and broadening their social horizons, we offer support and solutions to empower them with confidence and self-worth.

Our REAL FOOD FORUMS are offered FREE to schools, youth groups, businesses and organizations. They address a wide variety of health and nutrition issues, depending on age and demographics:

Elementary group topics include:

  • REAL food vs. Processed food
  • The dangers of added sugars
  • How to read labels (if applicable)

Middle School add-ons:

  • Industrialized Global Diet and Historical Food Timelines
  • Our body’s hormones 101: Insulin, Leptin, Ghrelin
  • Type 2 Diabetes and food induced, chronic, non-communicable diseases

High School topics added:

  • Physical and Biochemical Comparisons between sugar and alcohol consumption
  • Cross-addiction
  • Generation XL: Passing our obesity to the next generation

General Adult Topics:

  • How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food
  • EAT-Lancet Report: How to feed a future population of 10 billion within planetary boundaries
  • Food Sustainability and the Importance of Regenerative Agriculture
  • The Blue Zones: What the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world have in common

In addition, we also offer SPORTS SPECIFIC NUTRITION SEMINARS to athletic teams to help improve performance, endurance and recovery.

To schedule any of the above options, please contact Cindi Juncal at 949-981-4998 or Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to create generations of healthy children. Their health is what determines our future.