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Our children are our most precious commodity. When we feed them heavily processed foods we take them further away from nature. We pump them full of added sugars and chemicals when we should be filling their growing bodies with healthy, natural nutrients and all the miraculous bounty this earth has to offer. Instead we are hijacking their tastebuds, training them to lose perspective on what constitutes REAL food vs. food-like products created in a lab and mass produced on conveyor belts in a factory.

Our mission here at TNPF is to hopefully stem this tide of food degradation and through awareness and policy hopefully promote a return to normalcy when it affects how we nourish our bodies. We have become a society of “a pill for every ill” and spend millions of dollars on research for cures and treatments of diseases when the vast majority of everything we die from can be PREVENTED by what we eat. It’s time to focus on prevention, not treatment, and we have to start with our littles. A healthy world, a healthy future, depends on healthy children. Please help us #forkdisease. With their very next bite we can begin to provide them a future full of possibility and promise instead of disease. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... ❤️#healthykids #healthyworld #TheNoblePathFoundation

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