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The latest issue of the San Clemente Journal is on newsstands now. Please be sure to pick up a copy and check out Cindi's take on the 2020-2025 USDA's Dietary Guidelines. 💚#sanclementejournal #usdaguidelines #healthykids #healthyworld #totalnutritioncounseling #thenoblepathfoundation #forkdisease #realfoodchallenge ...
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Nine years ago today I began a journey of health that has become my life's passion. Changing what I put in my body changed me physically, mentally and spiritually. Recognizing what my best life looks like at 50 made be realize that giving this gift to a child or teen who was struggling with their weight could literally alter the path that their young lives were headed on. Intercepting this trajectory towards a life of chronic health problems, disease and early death is what gave birth to The Noble Path Foundation. The toll it takes on their minds, bodies and little souls is so often underestimated and/or ignored. When I learned that there was also a staggering amount of “normal weight” kids and adults who are TOFI (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside), storing harmful visceral fat around internal organs, it became evident that our society was digging its own grave with knives and forks. Thus, awareness on the dangers of our industrialized food system became paramount. Five decades of growing up on the Standard American Diet (SAD) is what brought me to my tipping point. As you can tell from my post, the type of food I considered appetizing was a far cry from the REAL food I enjoy, crave and celebrate, today. For me, February 14th, 2012 is not just Valentines Day… it’s the anniversary of the first day of the rest of my blessed and grateful life. If you are struggling with food, please know you can change how your story ends with your very next bite. We are working on The Noble Path’s EAT REAL FOOD Challenge, with the goal of eliminating or at least greatly reducing, the amount of highly processed, additive-laden, conveyor belt products that are literally killing us. Stay tuned and stay well… Love & Peace, Cin#eatREALfood #forkdisease #nourishtoflourish #healthykids #healthyworld #thenoblepathfoundation ...
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Hi! My name is Jack Hagen and I am the San Clemente High School Ambassador for The Noble Path Foundation (TNPF). I’m on the search for local OC restaurants featuring healthy menu items for kids because being a part of TNPF has made me realize how important it is for good nutrition to start at the earliest age possible. What I didn’t realize is how hard it is to find kids menus that offer something other than hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and chicken nuggets. The good news is that when I find one that meets our criteria, I’ll be sharing my reviews with you!The next restaurant I am happy to promote is TENDER GREENS. They have many different locations all over California, from San Francisco to San Diego. The one we went to was located inside the Irvine Spectrum mall. We ordered everything they had on the kids menu and our first impression was a good one: Instead of greasy french fries and sugary sodas, all the plates came with fresh fruit, mashed potatoes and water! You then had the option to add steak, chicken, a quesadilla, grilled cheese, fried chicken, falafel, or ahi. It’s a little unfortunate that over half of those choices provide unnecessary doses of saturated fat, but if you go with the chicken or ahi (or falafel depending on what kind of oil it’s cooked in), your kids will have a tasty and nutritious meal to enjoy. The overall quality of the food was amazing and it was fun to check out another Orange County restaurant that offers healthy choices for kids. We’d like to give a big THANK YOU to manager Alvin Brown for his kind hospitality and encourage everyone to stop by TENDER GREENS if you’re in the Irvine area. Let me know in the comments below if you have a restaurant you’d like to recommend. We appreciate your feedback! - Jack #healthykids #healthyworld #forkdisease #nourishtoflourish #healthyrestaurantreviews #eatREALfood #thenoblepathfoundation #tendergreensYou can check out the Tender Greens menu here: www.tendergreens.com/locations/irvine-spectrum/menu ...
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