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The Noble Path Foundation is a 501(c)(3) located in San Clemente, CA, dedicated to helping the youth of our communities reach their highest potential via healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices, safe and fun social activities, and motivational mentoring.

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AIM High

Advocacy, Inspiration & Mentorship

AIM High is a 7-week leadership series of Advocacy, Inspiration and Mentorship. The wellness program pairs groups of teens with leading advocates in our community to engage them in meaningful dialogue and thought-provoking conversations, with the hope of inspiring them via mentorship to pursue their highest potential in all areas of health and well-being.

Nourish to Flourish

Fitness & Nutrition

Young people and their families in our Nourish to Flourish program are referred to us by pediatricians, school administrators, teachers, counselors, family therapists, and other organizations working with children who need help and guidance with fitness and nutrition.


Fun Activities Indoors and Out

To complement our Nourish to Flourish curriculum and the AIM High series, we offer healthy, fun and safe activities that participants of both programs can experience and enjoy. Whether it’s yoga classes on Wellness Wednesdays, TGIF Friday events like karaoke, gaming or movie nights, or outdoor sports like cycling, hiking, tennis or fishing, there are plenty of exciting fitness and social opportunities with both mentors and peers.


The Noble Path Foundation

The mission of The Noble Path Foundation is to ensure a healthy future for our children by raising healthy children to inhabit our world.

Our Nourish to Flourish and AIM High programs are designed to help young people reach their highest potential by educating them on the importance of what they eat, how they move, and with whom they interact.

We offer fun and engaging social events in a safe and comforting environment; encourage creativity and leadership skills via workshops and mentorship; and promote outdoor sports and activities with community partners to broaden interests and cultivate wholesome habits.

Our goal is to provide a total wellness approach to offset the many challenges the youth of our communities face each day. We strive to put them on a path towards a brighter future and better health.

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7 days ago

The Noble Path Foundation
When my kids were young they brought in Valentine’s Day cards to give out to EVERY child in the class because it was a celebration of friendships, family and peers - and also not cool to make anyone feel left out.Here at The Noble Path Foundation, we wish to share more of that same heartfelt sentiment by wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to EVERYONE who fills our lives with compassion, joy and color! Thank you for brightening our days with love and laughter! #celebratelove #valentinesday #friendships #family #thenoblepathfoundation ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

The Noble Path Foundation
Darn. 💦We are closed this week and working hard drying everything out so we can get back to business. We miss all our friends and hope to see everyone soon! Please feel free to call Cindi at 949-981-4998 if you have any questions about our free wellness and enrichment programs for teens! #thenoblepathfoundation #AimHigh #fitness #music #art #guitar #chess #dnd #improv #creativecollaborations #fun #friends #tnpfclubs ... See MoreSee Less
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Two words to help fix our epidemic of chronic disease for future generations: Neural Adaptation. #startemyoung #healthykids #healthyworld #thenoblepathfoundationRepost from @theproof Of Japan’s population, only 4% are obese, compared to 40% of Americans.This may be as a result of the food education and involvement of nutritionists in Japanese schools. Japan has fostered a culture of appreciation for food, where chefs prepare food for students, and the students serve it to each other. Chris MacAskill suggests that neural adaptation, like what we see in Japan, is the key to encouraging healthy eating and improving weight outcomes.Follow the link in my bio to listen to the full episode #276 or watch the interview on YouTube.#theproof #chrismacaskill #japan #obesity #education #nutrition ... See MoreSee Less
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Replacing Blindness With Kindness

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Nourish to Flourish, Not Flounder

If you have been reading my column here in the San Clemente Journal for the past few years, you might recall my aversion to Kids Meals in restaurants. As I have stated previously, it

"The best thing to happen for our area's teens. This foundation changed my daughter's life. She was having some very hard social times and borderline bullying at school when we found the Noble Path. While friends of hers turned to partying and drinking, TNPF taught her how to gain self esteem and confidence to make the right life choices in these challenging teen years."
Kristin J