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"By age 10, nearly ALL kids have fatty streaks, the first stage of heart disease. Then, the plaques start forming in our 20s, get worse in our 30s, and then can start killing us off. In our hearts, it’s a heart attack. In our brains, it’s a stroke. In our extremities, it can mean gangrene. In our aorta, an aneurism. If there is anyone watching this video that is older than ten years of age, the choice likely isn’t whether or not to eat healthy to prevent heart disease; it’s whether or not you want to reverse the heart disease you already have."

This is why we focus on the importance of sound nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices for our youth. If we raise healthy children, we won't have to treat sick adults.

COMING SOON: Why we think KIDS MEALS should offer the best food (instead of the worst) and our salute to the local restaurants who are looking after our littles! Follow The Noble Path Foundation as our San Clemente HS Ambassador, Jack Hagen, searches for healthy food options for our kids!! Stay tuned...

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Guides youth in becoming more active and making fitness an enjoyable part of their life style

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Get the family involved in improving their healthy lifestyles by offering educational workshops

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Educates students and parents about proper nutrition and the importance of physical activity

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