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How REFRESHING is this? I absolutely LOVE seeing one of the world’s top elite athletes counter the predatory profiteering of nothing more than liquid candy and instead promote what we should be drinking instead for optimal health: WATER! 💦 Am hoping other U.S. athletes start caring about the health of our kids and take note… #cristianoronaldoknows #justsaynotosoda #drinkagua #eatrealfood #healthykids #healthyworld #thenoblepathfoundation ...
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Everything about buying this building for The Noble Path Foundation has been heaven sent. So many little miracles keep raining down upon us and I have to constantly pinch myself to know it’s not a dream! The latest sign that this location was meant to be was meeting my neighbor, Ashley Vedder. Her VEGAN ice cream shop, VEDDER’S, opened today in the Old Town Plaza right behind us! I had to stop and grab a couple pints of her plant-based yumminess and hope you will also swing by and sample all of her “nice-cream” treats! If you have time, I highly recommend dining at The Ramen Cafe first (also in the plaza) and get your sweat on with some of their Spicy Ramen options. (If you're staying on the plant-based theme, their spicy vegetarian ramen is dangerously addictive!) A quick stop at Vedder’s afterwards will help cool your mouth and tingle your tastebuds too! A portion of Vedder's sales goes to The Michael J. Fox Foundation.Read her full story at www.vedderssweets.com#vedders #vegan #glutenfree #nonGMO #theramencafe #meatlessmondays #nicecream #plantbasedtreats #thenoblepathfoundation ...
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I’m a firm believer that there are never too many clever ways to serve fruit… haha! Love this! If you have young kids or dogs, you probably have a few of these plastic syringes in your cabinet somewhere. Make sure to put the kids to work too! If you have a fun way to get more fruits and veggies into their precious bodies, send me your pics and I’ll share with our followers on The Noble Path Foundation. TIA. 🤩#healthykids #healthyworld #eatmoreplants #forkdisease #nourishtoflourish #thenoblepathfoundation ...
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