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Every year at our HIGH 5IVE 4FITNESS event, we
recognize an individual, group, school or business that has made this world a better place - either by improving the diet and lifestyle habits of our youth, lightening the load of those in need or simply by inspiring others to be the best possible versions of themselves.

This year’s recipient embraces all of these qualities, and more. We are proud and delighted to introduce you to the 2020 Mike Katke Inspiration Award winner, JACLYN KULURIS… <3

Jaclyn Kuluris, affectionately known as “Jax”, founded HIGHEST POTENTIAL TRAINING when she realized that the clients she was working with in physical therapy had nowhere to go after being discharged. She recognized the untapped potential in the hearts and souls of these individuals and was confident that with her continued guidance, support and encouragement, they could absolutely attain what they once thought was unattainable.

She keeps the bar high for her clients by continually pushing their boundaries, knowing that with physical gains comes emotional growth as well. The mentality is life altering and to say she is changing lives for the better is an astounding understatement. One of the greatest rewards for Jax is being able to work with a person long enough to experience their journey, to share their hopes and dreams and to empower their utmost desires by helping them actually achieve them. This, she says, is why she commits herself to this endeavor so completely.

Her HIGHEST POTENTIAL TRAINING team has competed alongside some of the best athletes in Orange County during our Battle of the Gyms. Their grit, determination and indomitable spirit are on par with everyone else on the field. It is their sense of accomplishment however that is perhaps unparalleled. They remind us not only how much we take for granted, but also that winners come in all shapes and sizes and often has no bearing on the order you cross the finish line.

Congratulations Jax! Keep shining… the world is better with you in it!

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Photos by Ross Whitaker

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5 days ago

The Noble Path Foundation

TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK... #battleofthegyms #HIGH5IVE4FITNESS

Photo: Ross Whitaker

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7 days ago

The Noble Path Foundation

Get ready... The 2020 HIGH 5IVE 4FITNESS photo album will be up on our website soon. (All 500+ pics!) ROSS WHITAKER spent 30 years as a world class photographer in NYC, working behind the lens for a clientele that spanned high fashion to the Fortune 500.

He generously donates his time and talents for this event and allows FREE downloads via our photo gallery. His normal fees for something like this are easily in the 5-figure range, so please share the love he so graciously gives away by giving him photo creds whenever you post on social media.

In the meantime, here are just a few teasers from our Battle of the Gyms...

📸: Ross Whitaker

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