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The Noble Path Foundation is a 501(c)(3) located in San Clemente, CA, dedicated to helping the youth of our communities reach their highest potential via healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices, safe and fun social activities, and motivational mentoring.

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AIM High

Advocacy, Inspiration & Mentorship

AIM High is a 7-week leadership series of Advocacy, Inspiration and Mentorship. The wellness program pairs groups of teens with leading advocates in our community to engage them in meaningful dialogue and thought-provoking conversations, with the hope of inspiring them via mentorship to pursue their highest potential in all areas of health and well-being.

Nourish to Flourish

Fitness & Nutrition

Young people and their families in our Nourish to Flourish program are referred to us by pediatricians, school administrators, teachers, counselors, family therapists, and other organizations working with children who need help and guidance with fitness and nutrition.


Fun Activities Indoors and Out

To complement our Nourish to Flourish curriculum and the AIM High series, we offer healthy, fun and safe activities that participants of both programs can experience and enjoy. Whether it’s monthly fitness challenges, TGIF Friday events like karaoke, gaming or movie nights, or taking advantage of our small group training classes, there are plenty of exciting fitness and social opportunities with both mentors and peers.


The Noble Path Foundation

The mission of The Noble Path Foundation is to ensure a healthy future for our children by raising healthy children to inhabit our world.

Our Nourish to Flourish and AIM High programs are designed to help young people reach their highest potential by educating them on the importance of what they eat, how they move, and with whom they interact.

We offer fun and engaging social events in a safe and comforting environment; encourage creativity
and leadership skills via workshops and mentorship; and promote a variety of enrichment activities with community partners to broaden interests and cultivate wholesome habits.

Our goal is to provide a total wellness approach to offset the many challenges the youth of our communities face each day. We strive to put them on a path towards a brighter future and better health.

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Josh is one of several Young Adult Mentors (we call YAMs) that help out during our social activities. These teens, 18 yrs and older, have grown up attending our programs or have joined to engage with their friends. They serve as peer mentors for the younger teens by modeling good behavior and encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Josh started coming to TNPF when he was 16-17 and when he turned 20 on Saturday he thought he could get away with it without any of us knowing. Fat chance. Friday we’re celebrating with a country-western themed Birthday TGIF. There’ll be line dancing, corn on the cob, franks and beans, a Dad Joke Gun Fight, Bull Horn Ring Toss, Raffle ticket poker, games, songs and s’mores round the campfire! So break out your boots, bandanas and Stetsons, cuz there’s gonna be some whooping’ and hollerin’ from 6-9 tmrw night! Hope you can join us! Ages 13+. First time participants need to register via the link in bio or on our website for ‘Social Activities’. If you’re under 18, please help your parents with the online technical stuff… Yeeeeehaw! ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

The Noble Path Foundation
"I was at a crossroads with my daughter when Aim High was starting their new 7-week series. My daughter was bullied and gravitated towards the wrong crowd just to have friends. Her self-esteem was low and she struggled to find self-worth; although she's a brilliant child. Sadly, she experimented with drugs way sooner than I anticipated and as a parent, I was at a crossroads with my daughter. Something dramatic had to happen on my end, to save her from the possibility of a lifetime of drug addiction. I took her out of public school, opted for a home-school charter program, and supplemented her life with the valuable lessons she was learning through Aim High and activities from the Noble Path. My 13-year-old started to feel included, accepted, and valued again and I was able to pull her from the possibilities of hard-core addiction. Her experience with drugs was thankfully, just an experiment and a cry for acceptance from her peers. Aim High and The Noble Path built my daughter back up again and equipped her with lifelong coping skills. I am incredibly grateful for that difficult season as it was a valuable and beneficial time for my daughter's growth! I will forever appreciate Aim High and the thoughtful courses it provides!"- Christina M.We have ONE SPOT LEFT for our Summer Series, which begins June 10th! You can register via the link in our bio or on our website. It could literally be the best thing you do for you teen this summer… 🥰#AIMhigh #advocacy #inspiration #mentorship #nutrition #socialmedia #healthyteenrelationships #trendingdrugculture #copingskills #leadership #carcare #lifeskills #obeyclothing #careerbuilding #thenoblepathfoundation ... See MoreSee Less
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This is a GREAT opportunity for all our teens in grades 9-12, who love football and would jump at a chance like this to learn from the pros! Miami Dolphins Corner/Safety Nik Needham is a friend of TNPF and came out to speak to our AIM High participants last year. He and his buddy Jaylinn Hawkins from the New England Patriots will be running 2 sessions on June 22nd at this FREE EVENT. Grab your friends and sign up now for this super fun day of football with two super cool dudes who never hesitate to give back to their communities! We love ya Nik! 🐬 ... See MoreSee Less
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We Get More By What We Give: The Kindness Cure

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MENTORING: The Key to Unlocking Potential

MENTORING: The Key to Unlocking Potential

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"The best thing to happen for our area's teens. This foundation changed my daughter's life. She was having some very hard social times and borderline bullying at school when we found the Noble Path. While friends of hers turned to partying and drinking, TNPF taught her how to gain self esteem and confidence to make the right life choices in these challenging teen years."
Kristin J