Sugar Shock Challenge

Advocacy, Inspiration & Mentorship

Rolling out to schools, organizations and businesses in the Fall of 2015


The Sugar Shock Challenge™ (SSC) is a 6-week comprehensive program of nutrition and exercise, with the primary focus being simply to adhere to AHA (American Heart Association) and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for daily maximum sugar intake: 12 g. for children, 24 g. for women and 36 g. for men.


It is complimented with a sound, balanced nutrition program and enhanced with comprehensive and safe body weight exercises that can be done at home without having to join a gym or purchase expensive equipment.

The SSC is started with a kick-off assembly or group presentation, which will describe how the challenge works, why it will change the way you eat and feel forever, and include live demonstrations of all the recommended exercises. (If possible, we encourage participants to wear comfortable clothes and practice these along together!)

All components will be backed up with a personalized online website which will offer 7-day a week support and guidance and a phone app to track your progress. Videos, seminars, live chats and one-on-one advice from certified nutritionists, personal trainers, physicians and guidance counselors will be available to each participant 24/7.


What we hope to accomplish thru our SSC


Increase public awareness

  • About the dangers and toxicity of sugar
  • The dire state of emergency our healthcare system is facing
  • Why this is a GLOBAL problem, not just a local crisis
Educate and Inform


  • How to read labels
  • Know the hidden names of sugar
  • Type 2 Diabetes and it’s health risks
  • Insulin resistance
Inspire and Motivate


  • Movement, exercise, healthy eating