School Fitness Program

Advocacy, Inspiration & Mentorship



The goal of The Noble Path Foundation’s Fitness Challenge for Middle Schools is to educate San Clemente youth about the benefits of a sound nutrition and exercise program.

Our weekly mini-fitness camps held during their PE periods will not only get them moving, but moving properly – as key elements such as posture, balance, and coordination are all vital factors in injury prevention. The challenge kicks off with a day of assemblies focusing on nutrition and we encourage the entire family to get involved by providing them with healthy eating strategies for the duration of the challenge.

Nutrition is a crucial component in the program, with the aim being to educate the students on how different types of food affect their bodies in different ways and to debunk the diet myth that “a calorie is a calorie.” Results are monitored both during and at the conclusion of the challenge, but the confidence gained by feeling healthy and fit is immeasurable and will hopefully last a lifetime for these young participants.

The fitness component of the 9-week challenge is designed to have seven basic elements, focusing on the following measurable areas of athletic performance: First-step Quickness, Acceleration, Maximum Velocity, Multi-directional Movement, Agility and Plyometrics, Injury Prevention in Movement, and Flexibility. The purpose for advancing these areas of athletic performance is to help educate the students about their body in relation to movement. Helping kids find the correlation between movement and physics creates an atmosphere of cognitive learning paired with physical activity, which is a crucial element emphasized throughout the nine weeks.

During each subsequent weekly fitness camp, trainers working in conjunction with the PE teachers will lead various drills and exercise activities aimed at improving specific targets such as agility, speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility as the students compete to see which period makes the most overall improvement. Every two weeks, a nutrition challenge is offered as extra credit to support the major points discussed in the nutrition discussions. The challenge concludes after final results are tallied and averaged. The winning period with the most overall improvement on average, will be treated to a catered, healthy lunch.