Tailored to any age group from Kindergarten through High School. Examples of topics included but not limited to:


  • REAL Food vs. Processed Food
  • The Dangers of Added Sugars and How To Read Labels
  • The History of Food


  • Industrialized Global Diet and Historical Food Timelines
  • Type 2 Diabetes: History, Causes and Complications
  • Our Body’s Hormones 101: Insulin, Leptin and Ghrelin
  • Chronic, Food-induced Diseases and Our Current Global Health Crisis.


  • The Biochemical Similarities of Sugar and Alcohol
  • Cross Addiction: Food as Drugs
  • Generation XL: Passing Our Obesity to the Next Generation
  • Eating Ourselves To Death: The Need For a Planetary Diet

Please note that these are general outlines and each presentation is tailored specifically to the group being addressed – with theme, location and time factors taken into consideration.

For groups adding outdoor activities or exercise components, please make sure participants wear comfortable clothing, athletic shoes and have prior medical clearance for physical activity.

To schedule a REAL FOOD FORUM for your classroom, youth group or organization, please contact Cindi Juncal at 949-981-4998 or

Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to create generations of healthy children.

Their health is what determines our future.

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