Finding Delight In The Happiness Of Others

The buddhist practice of MUDITA, or sympathetic joy, is finding delight in the happiness of others. Of the four brahmaviharas, the four highest qualities of the heart, mudita is said to be more difficult than the other three: loving-kindness, compassion and equanimity. As an example, let’s take the somewhat predictable [...]

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The Noble Path – One Resolution To Rule Them All …

The publication of this article comes at a time when most of us are either planning, or have made, our annual New Year’s resolutions. The majority of us will predictably make our vows based on health issues: lose weight, stop smoking, eat better, or exercise more. Perhaps in light of [...]

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The Noble Path Foundation Saving the Children

by Cindi Juncal Our motto here at the The Noble Path Foundation is “Healthy Kids, Healthy World.” While our outreach programs to raise awareness on the importance of sound nutritional and lifestyle choices extend to all parts of the population, we focus primarily on the children because we believe it [...]

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FOOD: Public Enemy #1 or Secret Super Power?

Today, 2.1 billion people – nearly 30% of the world’s population – are either obese or overweight, according to a new analysis of trend data from over 185 countries. The rise in global obesity rates over the last three decades has been substantial and widespread, presenting a major public health [...]

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Life’s a Beach: Celebrating National Volunteer Week in San Clemente

By Shelley Murphy Parents of high schoolers trying to crack the college admission code are all too familiar with these words: community service and volunteer hours. As students start to consider their summer service options, National Volunteer Week falls on April 23-29, bringing awareness to the importance of volunteerism. Established [...]

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High 5ive 4Fitness to Take Place at SCHS Saturday

By Eric Heinz The Noble Path Foundation will host its third annual High 5ive 4Fitness athletic competition from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on May 13 at San Clemente High School. The event incorporates competition among all ages in the spirit of health and wellness. “We started it with the thought of [...]

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Mike Katke

It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of Mike Katke, our nutrition specialist here at The Noble Path Foundation. Mike and his girlfriend, Angel Philp, were killed when their motorcycle was involved in a traffic accident in Boulder, CO last Wednesday, August 12th. Mike’s international career as [...]

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Noble Path Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions Hello Lifestyle Revolution

by Shelley Murphy photos by ©Ross Whitaker/TNPF Click Here to see the article at As the calendar turns to 2015, thoughts turn to shedding old, unhealthy habits and adopting new fitness resolutions for the New Year. Cindi Juncal, president and founder of The Noble Path Foundation (TNPF), hopes to [...]

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