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  • Do my best to adhere to the AHA’s (American Heart Association) and WHO’s (World Health Organization) daily recommendations for the maximum amounts of added sugars, which are 12 g. (3 tsp.) for young children, 24 g. (6 tsp.) for women and 36 g. (9 tsp) for men.
  • Read nutrition labels carefully, noting there are over 50 aliases for sugar that may be listed on the ingredients list. If SUGAR (or any of its pseudonyms), is one of the first three ingredients, I will consider a healthier alternative.
  • Reduce the amount of highly processed foods in my diet and the diets of my children and family ­ by purchasing, buying, growing, preparing and eating REAL food for myself and others whenever possible.
  • Eliminate liquid sugar beverages like soda and pre­sweetened drinks and reduce the amounts of juice my family drinks, opting instead for water or unsweetened tea.
  • Treat sugar as a treat or something to be enjoyed occasionally and in small doses. Not as a major ingredient in foods and beverages eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. In other words, eat a well­balanced diet, with all things in moderation ­ or as Michael Pollan says, “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
By signing this pledge I agree to help spread awareness on the current global health crisis we now face due to our food supply, where almost 80% of all grocery store items are laced with added sugars and every ten seconds someone in this country dies from a diabetes or food­induced illness. I pledge to try and stem this tide of degradation which has created the first generation of children in the history of the world predicted to have shorter life spans than their parents. I believe that if we can change what we eat, we can literally change the world ­ one child at a time.
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AIM High is a 7-week leadership program by The Noble Path Foundation. The AIM acronym stands for ADVOCACY, INSPIRATION and MENTORSHIP, and by pairing groups of teens with different leaders and advocates in our community each week, we encourage meaningful dialogues and thought-provoking conversations in order to inspire these types of mentoring relationships. Past speakers (and topics) have included the Wellness and Prevention Center (Self-Esteem and Social Media), Laura’s House (Teen Dating and Healthy Relationships), Waymakers and San Clemente Rotary (Leadership and Development), OC Sheriff’s Department (Trending Drug Cultures), The Noble Path Foundation (Nutrition and Body Image) and Partners4Wellness (Stress and Coping Skills).

In conjunction with the presentations are fun social activities the participants can enjoy and are encouraged to attend during the week to foster peer relationships: free yoga, music lessons and meditation practice on Wellness Wednesdays, or TGIF Friday events like karaoke, ping pong tournaments, gaming, or movie nights. The series concludes with a certification ceremony to share with family and city officials, plenty of food and drink, and the joy of celebrating lessons learned and friendships formed. The success of the program lies in the fact that many of the AIM High graduates return to volunteer and help mentor the next generation.